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Apple TV Photo Stream Unavailable (Fixed!)

When updating the Apple TV to software version 5.1 you might receive an error message when running the Photo Stream app. The error message says “The account name or password was incorrect. Please try again. For more information, go to”


I’m running the 3rd generation Apple TV with software version 5.1 (5201). Photo Stream works on all other devices including iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad and MacBook Pro but not on the Apple TV 3rd generation. I’ve tried using both wired and wireless connections. I have no other problem with my Apple ID or any other services in iCloud from any other devices. My Apple ID works fine when renting movies from the Apple TV, buying music from the iTunes Store, logging on to and so on.

The error seems somewhat similar to the following Apple Knowledgebase article but clearly there is no error message stating that iCloud terms of service has changed.

I contacted Apple Support but they couldn’t help me right away. The case is escalated to Apple Support engineering.

There are several Apple Support Community threads regarding this error, the one with the most information is here.

The proposed workaround

One way to get Photo stream working seems to be downgrading which requires a micro-USB cable. I’m waiting for Apple to get back to me before I go ahead and downgrade.

Update 11th October, 2012

Apple support engineer is calling me with further update in a few hours.

Apple support called

My Apple support contact called me and proposed the following steps in order to get closer to a solution.

  1. Try logging in with another Apple ID.
  2. Reset the Apple TV through iTunes with a micro-USB cable or via a support center.
  3. Try logging in on another Apple TV.

So I went to my local Apple Support place. I tried logging on to their Apple TV and  was quite surprised to see that everything worked perfectly on 5.1. So I proceeded with the restore.


I finally solved it! I’m running 5.1 (5201) with working Photostream, believe it or not. The solution has nothing to do with updated terms & conditions or any other account setting. The solution isn’t simple, you need to restore your Apple TV using a micro-USB cable and trigger it all from iTunes. You can follow my instruction here if you need to get your Photo stream working on your Apple TV and you upgraded it to 5.1 from 5.0.2.

Many thanks to my swedish Apple support contact Per.

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